Aura Reading

Aura Reading

What Will Your Aura Reveal About You? Book your Aura Reading at the bottom of this page to find out!!

  • Your Future and what the Universe has in store for you!
  • Names, Numbers, Dates & Places to look out for!
  • Who to trust & Who to be aware of!
  • Love, Career, & Financial Opportunities!
  • Lucky and Significant Numbers!

Your aura can reveal clues about your future for example which names, numbers, dates and places that will be significant for you. Who to trust & who to be aware of! Love and relationships, career and money opportunities to look out for!

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I’ve been an aura reader for over 30 years, if you supply me with your first name, date of birth and a photo I can make a psychic connection with your aura. I will give you a supportive confidential reading so that you have peace of mind to face the future with renewed confidence.

Once we’ve connected I’m able to see the images that you emit relating to your future. I also see lessons not learnt or fully understood from your past lives so that you can turn yesterdays experiences into tomorrow’s opportunities.

I can provide you with a basic reading to answer the questions that are on your mind now, an in-depth personality profile to give you a better understanding of yourself, or your year ahead aura-scope so you can prepare to make the most of your forthcoming opportunities, if you require a relationship compatibility report please include your partners first name, date of birth and photo). I look forward to connecting with you very soon.

Every aura has a unique vibrational frequency, like finger prints no two auras are the same, there are many different ways for you to experience an aura without physically seeing one for example, have you ever met someone and felt an immediate attraction or maybe you walked into a room and instantly felt uncomfortable?

The closer your frequency is to someone else’s, the greater the rapport and trust you will have, if your auras are not in tune you will feel uncomfortable and tense around that person. When two lovers embrace their auras entwine to become one and glow much brighter and larger than when they are alone.

A Brief Description Of Your Aura.

Your aura is an electromagnetic energy field that surrounds your entire body. Your aura connects with your physical body through energy centers known as chakras, which are power points located along the spinal column in the etheric body.

During your waking hours you constantly emit streaks, plumes and bubbles of colored light, these radiate from you like a beautiful firework display, sending out life energy into the universe and drawing new cosmic energy in.

Psychics see auras in a number of different ways, some highly enlightened people claim to see up to seven different layers, but most will agree that there are at least three, which is personally all I have only ever seen. Contact me now for an opportunity to discover what your aura reveals about you.

Aura reading online by email

We offer a Basic Aura reading £15.00 (written on a word document 4 pages) takes up to 48 hours.

In-depth Aura Reading £49.00 (Recorded onto a MP3 file approximately 40 mins) up to 48 hours.