Halloween Psychic Spirit Ghost

Halloween Psychic Spirit Ghost

The Halloween – Psychic, Spirit and Ghost Experience!

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Spiritual Events offers a “Spooky Halloween” night to remember for adults!
Connect to the Spirit world at Halloween on the night where the link between our world and their world is really open……. Do you DARE to speak to them?

Invite our experienced Spirit Medium to your party or Halloween event to see who you all can connect with.
This Halloween experience is exciting for any size group.

During the night you will all be tested in the group to see who has the psychic gift. By doing lots of different psychic activities, great fun for all involved.
Then you will connect with spirits around you or in the venue (if you request this).
And afterwards there will be a group reading session where either our psychic or spirit medium will give people a reading in the group setting. Depending on how many people are there and your time slot people will be chosen at random to receive a reading from our team.

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Maybe you would like our palm reader to come to your Halloween party! We can do that.

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You can book the *Genuine Halloween experience.

Or we can offer you a **Fun light hearted, Halloween experience.

*This booking is for a group that is totally into connecting to the spirit world (please make sure people are not overly drunk for this experience for it to work. Even better if no one drinks alcohol during the connecting to the spirit world session).

**This booking is for a group that wants to have fun and do something different for Halloween and try to connect to the spirit world, with some psychic fun thrown in with lots of laughter and party feel. Our team will dress up in a Halloween costume too!

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Booking time is for either a minimum 2 hours up to an all night spiritual session with a maximum time slot for 8 hours.

Contact us to find out more!

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