Psychic Email Reading

Psychic Email Reading

Email Reading

Psychic Email Reading

Spiritual Events team offer Psychic, Tarot and Clairvoyance readings via email.

Have you got questions that need to be answered now?

Our clairvoyants can tune into your future and give you answers to your questions. All the psychics can offer advice about present situations using their tarot or angel cards.

To have your email reading send us a photo of you.
Plus a list of all of your questions. To
One of our clairvoyants or psychics will send you the answers to your questions within 24 hours.
Email readings will be sent to you after you make payment on the right hand side of this page.

Psychic or Clairvoyant email reading online.

By having an online email reading it can help guide you and give clear answers and insight to many of your life questions.

When you have an Extensive Reading it is a combination of Future, Spirit, Clairvoyance and use of Psychic skills.

Psychic Email ReadingA Clairvoyant reading is from spirit and your past loved ones, the clairvoyant medium will pass on any messages spirit has for you, regarding your everyday and future.

Spiritual Events works with genuine psychics and mediums to answer your emails.

PLUS more reading options WOW!

12 months future forcast on MP3 recording!
6 months fortune telling on MP3 recording!

I found Spiritual Events to be very professional. And Dee who did my reading was very spot on and provided me with lots of helpful information to my questions. I highly reccomend them. 

Skype face 2 face reading with Spiritual Events team.

psychic reading online email

Spiritual Events Online Email Reading Reviews.

The readings are really nice and detailed. The answers are very clear and I love how she have related everything with my questions and answered them properly. I am so glad she looked into this and I am satisfied would recommend it to my friends.

Thanks for the reading. Great reading and was extremely helpful, really felt Dee Vyner was able to connect with me and answer my questions. Would definitely recommend. Many thanks Caroline
The guardian angel provided a very detailed reading with a clear and accurate understanding of my request. They depicted my subconscious which for me was very rewarding and gave comfort, thank you so much, something which I will reflect and review on in the coming years x Kay x

Amazing my questions were answered quickly and the answers were so accurate it was spooky! J

Thank you for my reading it was amazing how accurate you were , it helped a lot I could
See a lot of truth in what you said  thing that only I would know, with many thanks again,regards Betsy

Thank you so much for this reading. It is really helpful, it confirmed things I already know and gave me guidance on how to move forward. I also like that you get your reading within 24 hours. Sometimes you need a little help and guidance when you are feeling stuck or confused, and it’s nice to get a reply this quickly. Thanks! Kind regards, Lisa

I’m so grateful to have received such a lovely message.  Guardian Angel has put a great deal of thought, care and warmth into the reading and I’m amazed at the information I have been given and the way it was worded with such detail and spoken from the heart.  Very gifted!  I feel a lot better and will definitely ask Guardian Angel for another reading in the near future

Hello Claire and Dee; I would like to thank you very much for my readings which I am very pleased as I have now a clearer vision on what to do. Your help will be precious. Many thanks again and I hope to have the opportunity to get another readings in a few months. Have a nice day. Sincerely, Jen.

Thank you for the quick repsonse and guidance from the cards. Emma x, 2017.

Just wanted to send some feedback for Dee. Great reading! Was chuckling that I made her laugh about the question about my chickens! Overall a very light-hearted, down-to-earth approach to my questions which made me come away feeling good. Thanks Dee. Theresa

Please send my most deepest thanks to Guardian Angel, I have reread his words so many times, they are very heart touching and they truly speak to me and hit many truths,  he is indeed a great physic and clairvoyant. My best wishes to all of you in your path and life. Kind regards, Maria

Thank you very much Claire. Got the reading and i like it 🙂 can you tell Thank you to Dee V from me as well please-it was good reading and it did help me to set my mind right. Have a good Xmas guys and Happy New Year. All the best V

Brilliant service :same day reading . Relevant information , very kind and caring approach 10/10 Joe.

Katie London
Brilliant Psychic and Clairvoyant reading and they give more details than others.
Vesna England
Thank you so much Dee for the excellent reading, although not what I wanted to hear, but very informative and helpful. I will get another reading soon Many thanks.
James London
Spot on psychic reading, Claire – Thanks
Sheena Middlesex
Thank you very much for the insightful extensive Clairvoyant reading and guidance.

Marie England
Wow didn’t expect that excellent reading thank you so much and I look forward to the coming months not sure if I’m open to the ex coming back but wait and see hey!! thank you again love and light Marie xx
Sophie London
Brilliant Clairvoyant and tarot reading I heard from my family that past over last year. Words can’t really express how I feel.

Hear about your future, or get a message from Spirit with a Clairvoyant reading. Psychic readings are about the here and now!

More psychic email reading reviews!

Thank you very much for a lovely reading Star. Super fast turn around and very helpfull. Thanks again Elizabeth
I have now had two readings by Dee. The first made sense but for some reason I felt compelled to return to her soon after for another, as due to my own error my questions were too vague which left me feeling confused, but intrigued by her initial accuracy. Dee’s second reading was absolutely incredible. I could relate completely and it left me feeling at peace with things, to let go on my fears and enjoy.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her, or use her services again. Thank you Dee for the clarity and guidance, and the general content feeling you have left me with. Nat

Thank you Dee. Have a lovely Christmas, Vicky

Please tell dee thank you so so much for that. It is definitely something I needed to hear!! Thank you again. Hollie.

I have had few amazing readings done by DEE, such a lovely, deep and wonderful person. All my readings were spot on. Thank you Anita.

There are many areas where you were spot on, so thank you very much.  You were definitely right in what I want out of relationships as well as dodgy past ones. Sending you lots of love, Casca

I am delighted with my reading it is definitely very helpful Andrea.

Thank you very much Claire for arranging my reading with Dee so quickly and I was very happy with what she was able to tell me. Many thanks again and kind regards, Clare 

Thank you so much Dee! That was great and just what I wanted. xx Katrina,

Thank you psychic Dee, I do understand X. Sharon, 

Psychic Luz you totally nailed it you are right. Dan, 

Thank you very much for the reading Dee. It was amazingly accurate and provided me with great insight.

Many thanks! Sonia, March

WOW!!!! Thanks Dee for my reading. It made me laugh and was spot on as well as enlightening. Really appreciate your insight. Blew me away. Ros, March

You have a true gift Claire, when I read your reading I knew you were right and I will take action. Thank you, Lucy 🙂

I just wanted to say thank you so much to Dee who just gave me a very in depth reading that has helped me to move on from this chapter of my life. Her reading was eloquent and accurate and I enjoyed her humour that accompanied it too!! Claire

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Tarot reading for events UK – London, Manchester Newcastle Psychics and Mediums 4 Hire.

Spiritual Events is available for a Psychic party or Psychic event or night. We also have many Psychic entertainers for corporate hire. Here are just a few towns Spiritual Events, tarot readers will visit and offer psychic, tarot reading in Preston, Bradford, Portsmouth, Plymouth, Canterbury, Devon, Glasgow. Genuine psychic, tarot or palm reading in Nottingham, Cambridge, Wigan or Edinburgh. If your town isn't listed we can still come to you! Email us with your location and we will be there!