Psychic Event

Psychic Event

Our Psychic team bring a lot of entertainment and accuracy to all of our Psychic Events. You are at the right place to book your Psychic Event! Spiritual Events provides interesting and mysterious Psychic or Mediumship shows for public events.

Do you organize entertainment for your company or friends and family?………..YES!
Then try a Psychic themed night with lots of fun and laughter from, the Spiritual Events team who are the UK leaders in everything Psychic.

Psychic Event 5 Star ★★★★★

Or if you don’t want to book a psychic event package deal.
Spiritual Events also offers entertainment for a private party, hotels pubs and local clubs.

Spiritual Events is looking for more venues to offer “Psychic Shows” every month or by monthly anywhere in the UK. Get in touch here.

Spiritual Events entertainment offers are;

 A Mediumship Demonstration Show
Available times slots / 1.5 hours or 2 hour show.
Spiritual Events will choose one of our very entertaining and accurate Clairvoyant Spirit, Mediums to come to your event. They will give readings and messages from spirit to the randomly chosen people in your audience. Spiritual Events shows are for any audience size but not everyone will receive a message.

 Psychic Tarot Show
(90 minutes)
Spiritual Events Tarot reader specially picked for your event will give interesting, tarot card readings about things happening in your life, to some people in your audience. Not everyone will get a message.

 Past Life Demonstration
(90 minutes)
There will be a brief talk about what will happen. A specially skilled hypnotist will get one or possibly two people up in front of the audience. And send them into a guided meditation to go into their past life. Then your guests will tell the audience very interesting information about who they were in their past life and what they did.

 Psychic Games Party or Event
(90 minutes)
This is where are our entertaining psychic will come and offer everyone psychic activities to do at your event or party. Are you psychic? Do you know who is phoning you before you look and see? Maybe you are psychic try out this fun for everyone psychic game option. Our psychic will also offer psychic readings afterwards for a minimum 2 hour booking. Depending on your numbers of guests. This is a great idea for team building days or events.

Our psychics offer tarot readings for a Birthday, Halloween and even Christmas parties across England, Scotland and Wales every week!

Halloween event party psychic tarot reading

Deals for Restaurants, Pubs and Hotels – Psychic Nights – Psychic Suppers.
We have a set fee for a show, contact us for details. You can sell tickets for our shows, ticket prices vary according to your area. You know your clientele to what price will be best at your Psychic event. Spiritual Events Mediumship demonstration shows and Psychic shows are great any night of the week, but are mainly popular, during the early part of the week.  We offer a Psychic events and psychic themed nights for pubs, hotels and theatres’ across the United Kingdom from Brighton to Aberdeen.

Extra Psychic Event option Tarot Psychic Medium Palm Readers for hire!

psychic events ukLet your guests enjoy a one to one private tarot reading. You can have a few more psychics come to your psychic night and they will give private one to one tarot, palm or clairvoyant readings in another room away from the show in the main room.


Sheffield, Greater London,

If you see your town not listed it doesn't matter we can come to you just give us an email with your location and we will be there! Here are just a few more towns the tarot reader will visit and offer psychic tarot reading in London, Manchester, Essex, Leeds, Newcastle, Birmingham, Edinburgh. Genuine psychic readings in Sheffield, Greater London, Bexlley, Bromley, Harrogate and York Spiritual Events is available for a Clairvoyant party or Psychic night. And our Clairvoyant Mediums can travel across Wales, England and Scotland to give you a Psychic tarot reading. When you book a second party with Spiritual Events one of our Psychics will give you a Free psychic email reading. Professional and insured psychics and mediums for entertainment purposes only.