Dee Vynar Psychic is truly gifted and very funny!

Dee Vynar offers Psychic, Clairvoyant, Palm, Tarot, Oracle cards and Rune stone readings.
She is experienced in giving psychic reading to people from a wide range of backgrounds and is able to connect quickly and easily with individuals in a friendly and professional manner.

dee vynar cotswolds psychic party festival dee vynar cotswolds psychic tarot reader for hire party festival
Dee Vynar was giving Tarot readings at the Jesus May Ball.

Dee doing tarot readings @Peaches and Cream LTD Dee Vynar tarot reader for hire liverpool manchester wigan
She is a naturally positive and bubbly personality whose readings deliver intuitive insights combined with a down to earth sense of humor. She loves dressing up to any theme event around the UK!

Dee Vynar likes to combine enlightenment with entertainment and has often been referred to as a psychic comedian.

Dee Vynar psychic tarot reader for hire for events and party UK
Here she is doing a psychic party booking at a gym! Yes she gets everywhere.

She prefers to think of herself as a tour guide who will introduce you to the world that exists between the known and the unknown. She’s being doing readings at hen parties and Casinos.

Dee Vynar tarot reader for hire UK england university ball london tarot reader
Dee has lots of costumes and loves dressing up to your theme! She is available for Birthdays, Hens, Corporate events and Private functions and is happy to dress to match your theme. Dee Vynar covers York, Leeds, Sheffield, Nottingham, Leicestershire, Peterborough, Northampton, Oxfordshire, Bedford, Cambridge and Birmingham. 

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 psychic reader for hire
Dee Vynar is available for corporate and event bookings UK.
Dee’s reading reviews

“Dee picked up on my situation even though I was a little cryptic with my questions. The question on family with the in laws could have been misconstrued by an inexperienced psychic but Dee nailed it. She told me things i knew already but how could she have known and put my mind at ease in a positive and helpful way for the future which is something that has been worrying me. I a excited to see what the future holds but I can tell that Dee is experienced, compassionate and has a real talent for reading people. All this was done on email without speaking to Dee. I highly recommend Dee and I think I have now found someone who I will be consulting on a regular basis. Thanks Dee I am a fan now – Nicola, London”

Thank You Dee for your reading. It was very positive & a refreshing change to hear. Very prompt reply & great explanation of your cards. Much Appreciated. Clare

Dee’s reading was validation of a number of messages I’ve been getting recently and really hit the the nail on the head.  She made some suggestions which I’ll definitely be following to develop myself further.  Thanks Dee!’

I believe I have just been clarified! Some of my questions were difficult to a lot of readers to answer but she did answer all questions without hesitation and I’m glad I got some really good answers on point to what I was asking and great advice that I’m definitely taking on board. One of the best clairvoyant readings I’ve had.

I loved my reading!!!! I am so happy and thankful. This reading by Dee has given me a lot to think about 😁
Dee is an intuitive reader, the messages and advice she gave were helpful and made sense. I enjoyed the reading and have a lot to take in and changes to make. Thank you Dee for your lovely reading SH.

Hi I would like to leave a review for Dee’s webpage please. I am literally blown away by this email reading and its accuracy and also the reassurance it has given me in certain areas and has prompted me to pay attention to health issues. This is the first time in around 20 years I have had a tarot reading and will most definitely be seeking further ones from Dee. Thank you so much and also response time was brilliant Vickie.

Thank you so much Dee for the brilliant reading. It highlighted many things that are going on in my life at the moment and it was very accurate.  I feel more peaceful about things now.  Thank you once again. Tina

Thank you so much for the reading-strangely it’s brought me some peace of mind and I can place everything Dee has said. Thank you!

“Thank you Dee for the email reading, the really quick response was ideal and it’s helped give me clarity on a few situations that have been causing me stress!! The cards were very accurate and I would recommend and will return :)!” Thanks Katy
Thank you Dee for your reading, both my questions were answered pretty spot on, especially my second one. Very reassuring reading. Thanks, Dee x
I enjoyed reading it and some points definitely ring true. It would be interesting to organize a face to face reading with Dee in the near future. Thank you
Thank you for my lovely email reading from Dee. I could tell time, thought and care had gone into it. I’ve found it very insightful. Many Thanks Jane x

Dees reading was good, and really just confirmed what I was already thinking ,which is reassuring. Some of dees comments have made me think about planning more and taking control, so all very helpful

Very interesting reading by Dee which has actually reinforced my own instincts on the matter of my relationship with my son.  This has made  me focus better and probably helped to stop me from taking  the wrong sort of action.  Many thanks. Shirley

Thank you so much for my reading i can relate to a lot of what you have said there so thank you again. Love and light Janette

Hi Dee, Thank you so much for my reading Regards Victoria.

Thank you very much for that, It relates so well to my life and is 100% true, I look forward to what my future will hold now, thanks psychic Dee x

Please tell Dee thank you so so much for that. It is definitely something I needed to hear!! Thank you again, Hollie.

I have had few amazing readings done by DEE, such a lovely, deep and wonderful person. All my readings were spot on. Thank you Anita.

Had another reading with Dee and what she said made total sense to me now. I wished I found her 3 years ago, then I wouldn’t been through all the emotional pain and torment. Thanks to Dee I can now start a fresh new life. Thank you Dee, I wouldn’t waste any more money on different readers.
Many thanks V. June

Thank you very much for arranging my psychic email reading with Dee so quickly and I was very happy with what she was able to tell me. Many thanks again and kind regards, Lucy

I just wanted to say thank you so much to Dee who just gave me a very in depth reading that has helped me to move on from this chapter of my life. Her reading was eloquent and accurate and I enjoyed her humor that accompanied it too!! Kath.

WOW!!!! Thanks Dee for my reading. It made me laugh and was spot on as well as enlightening. Really appreciate your insight. Blew me away. Ros M.

Thank you Dee for a fabulous reading it was spot on and really boosted my confidence just what I needed at the moment. Thanks L.

Hi Claire, Please tell her a massive thank you to Dee from me the reading was spot on, Charmaine.

I would like to thank Dee for my reading, it makes a lot of sense and some good advise.
Thank you Shereen.
Thank you for the clairvoyant reading by Dee Vynar. Here’s my testimonial:
“I went through Dee’s reading, at first with a touch of skepticism as to what would be revealed, which soon grew into abject wonder as it appeared that Dee was speaking directly to/about me, with all my individual traits and quirkiness. I was left with a feeling of real optimism for the future and was reminded to keep on keeping on, and to never give up. Thank you, Dee, your reading at this time is much appreciated.” Kind regards, Chi.
Blown away to be honest!..

Things have been on my mind for a while and I know some hard decisions have to made. This reading has given me the peace of mind that I know things will work out. :-). Loved the Mr & Mrs link ;-). Will definitely recommend and will use again.  Thank you Dee xx

I would like to thank Dee for her well considered and detailed reading. I will be sure to look back on it over the next 6 months. I would definitely recommend Dee to clients. Thank you all, especially Dee. Anne
Here is Dee at a corporate event in Leeds. It went brilliantly thanks – we loved Dee!
We even managed to get our cards read by her at the end, e@ prohibition pr
Dee drew four tarot cards for me to answer four questions I had posed. Her interpretations of each card were extremely relevant to what I was asking and made a lot of sense. They say the answers are inside and Dee’s reading brought these to the surface, helping me answer them myself. They were very pertinent and helpful. In fact, that night I had a dream that provided a fuller picture in a couple of the areas I’d asked about and helped me crystallize a decision. I would definitely recommend Dee. Thank you! D.E.
I was very impressed with clairvoyant reading . The cards explained so much that is going on in my life right now and was very accurate. It made me take a step back and view the full picture of my current situation. Worth it. Thank you Dee !

I really enjoyed Dee’s email reading, it was very accurate and reassuring. Thank you very much! Best, Tina

Thank you for your reading Dee it is accurately and to the point. Regards Helena.

Dee was brilliant last night at my psychic party – thanks so much, Carrie, Nottingham.
Fantastic reading by Dee, great in depth advice given. Whole experience has been A**.
Psychic party in York, North Yorkshire with Dee Vynar.
She loves doing palm readings, psychic cards and rune readings.
Contact us today to book her!
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London, BIrmingham, Brighton, Surrey tarot psychic reading

If you see your town not listed it doesn't matter we can come to you just give us an email with your location and we will be there! Here are just a few towns our tarot reader will visit and offer psychic tarot reading in Oxford, London, Manchester, Glasgow, Ely, Cambridge, Leicester, Birmingham, Edinburgh. Genuine psychic readings in Durham, Luton,  and Peterborough. Spiritual Events is available for a party, corporate event or Psychic night. And our Clairvoyant Mediums can travel across Wales, England and Scotland to give you a Psychic tarot reading. When you book a second party with Spiritual Events one of our Psychics will give you a Free psychic email reading. Professional psychics for entertainment at events and parties.