My name is Gemini, Double card Tarot reader, Psychic Artist, and Medium. I have been very lucky in my life that my mentor took me under her wing over 40 years ago and gave me one to one training on ancient knowledge, healing, meditation, stress counselling, signs and symbols, etc. and I have been helping to guide people ever since. Her training and guidance were invaluable and I learnt most of the ancient ways using her deep and combined knowledge.

Being asked to be the Medium Secretary for a Spiritual church for quite a few years, expanded my knowledge and experience even further. For example I lead the service, including introducing visiting Mediums etc. I worked alongside many of the Mediums, sketching from the platform as they gave out messages whilst I gave out further information from the sketches I provided to the people in the congregation.  The congregation loved such contrasting methods of psychic knowledge helping them with a fantastic insight.

I started to use my Psychic art during the services, and all of the Mediums commentated how accurate they were to their visions. It has given me great pleasure since then providing sometimes for the first time a visual representation of spiritual guides, loved ones and close friends.

My Mediumship comes through from the sketches, and also from the visual meditation I take people through, which I can use along with the cards to answer their questions helping guide them along the right pathway. Sometimes our pathway and destiny aren´t clear but with guidance it can be.

My Tarot readings are in depth and completely personal and normally take half an hour or so, but looking at the complete spread overall I can adjust this to individual needs, or use a different spread.

I teach all aspects of the spiritual world from tarot, healing, meditation to stress counselling.  I can do both teaching and readings on a one to one basis at home, venues, private parties and online. I have also demonstrated and presented to large groups including medium sessions on stage. I can tailor any session to suit individual needs and offer love and light throughout.

Reiki/Spiritual healing I combine together,  using the energies that surround me, using myself as the channel, and allow the universe to work through me, so that I´m not left with pain, problems, etc that lots of people love to hang on to, mine goes back to a higher being than me as I am but a small flame in comparison.

Gemini is available for private readings, hen and birthday parties, as well as wedding reception and event bookings. 

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For Marbella, Malaga, Nerja, Benalmadena, Mijas, Estapona, Sotogrande and all other towns on the Costa Del Sol, in Spain.