Hexa Tarot Reader

Hexa Tarot Reader and astrologer and diviner based in London.

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She has honed her intuition over more than two decades of reading, specializing always in tarot and astrology but also adding oracle cards, scrying with crystal ball and pendulum, palmistry and creative visualization to her repertoire. She is planning to learn to read the runes next!
Hexa has a deep connection to nature and finds inspiration and connection whilst walking in the woods or by the river. Her favorite tarot decks use nature imagery and connect to the cycle of the seasons. She also draws on myth and story to bring her readings alive, and believes that a psychic reading is a chance to connect to your own story as well as your place in the story of the universe.

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Hexa readings offer holistic guidance and a chance to see the bigger picture of your life. A psychic reading with Hexa doesn’t give rigid answers or a definitive future, but opens up the options before you and allows you to make your own choices.

Hexa believes that the great power of divination is to show you the energies around you at the time of the reading, giving you an insight into the flow of energy in your life and the best way to align yourself with that flow. She offers empowerment and the ability to co-create your future, aligned with the universal energies around you shown in the reading.

Hexa offers readings at all kinds of events, from intimate parties for a few close friends to large festivals attended by hundreds.

She loves to read for people who are at a transition point in their life, so whether it’s a hen party or a wedding, a special birthday or simply the beginning of a new chapter, readings with Hexa bring inspiration and empowerment as well as plenty of fun and entertainment.

Her light hearted and practical approach means that everyone who has a reading will have something insightful to take away and consider.
Whatever your event or celebration, Hexa brings a sense of mystery and magic and a spark of inspiration from the universe!
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