Lady Eve Spirit Medium Scotland

Lady Eve Spirit Medium Scotland is a professional international medium with over 30 years experience.

Lady Eve Spirit Medium Scotland mediumship spiritualist
I come from a family of mediums and have seen spirit from a very early age.
I provide evidence from the spirit world and bring the essence of your loved ones personality to you with great accuracy.
I now help train other mediums to reach their full potential and achieve there best. I have attended the Arthur Finlay college many times for advanced mediumship courses I still sit in development circle as I believe the journey continues. I push the boundaries of my mediumship and am open to new experiences and new ways of learning. I have worked overseas the UK and Ireland with great success. I also attend and run my own spiritualist church in Scotland which I am very passionate about giving to the community we do a lot of fund raising for local people in need and also local charity’s.

lady eve medium edingburgh glasgow perth scotland

Services I offer in Scotland are as follows;
Demonstration of Mediumship for pubs, clubs, hotels, restaurants, corporate events and all charity work considered.
Private one to one Mediumship sittings
Group spiritual readings
Mediumship Workshops
Hen parties spirit readings
Birthday parties mediumship readings
Psychic readings
Mediumship ppirit readings
Email Mediumship readings
Skype Mediumship readings

She is available for events and parties in Scotland. Cities including Perth, Edingburgh, Sterling, Glasgow, Dumfries, Aberdean, Saint Andrews, Dundee and Oban and any other town or village in Scotland.

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