Osiris Clairvoyant Medium

Osiris – Clairvoyant Medium.
Has over 25 years experience in Palmistry, Crystal Ball, Mediumship, Clairvoyance and as a Tarot reader.

Orisis palmistry palm reader london north london spiritualevents.co.uk
Osiris works a lot with palmistry, tarot, crystal ball, clairvoyance and mediumship. You can hire him for events or parties across London and Greater London.  He also offers fun and accurate readings for  a Hen or Stag party, wedding receptions, corporate events and Birthday parties.

His clients come from various backgrounds and differ in age, nationality and profession. He works closely with spirit and many of his advisers (guides) are ascended masters.  The energy that drives through him as he makes contact with spirit is second to none.

Osiris loves to give future readings using the crystal ball. His extrasensory perception (ESP) has developed over the years and he uses all of his six senses to help balance his spiritual life and earth life to give a productive reading.  With this he has developed his art to become so tuned that he designed and printed his own tarot cards which helps him to keep focused on spirit alongside reading the cards.

His approach is person-centered around the individual and heartfelt with a strong foundation of the law of attraction which helps him to deliver meaningful readings.

He is honest, caring and fully understanding that life can be tough but at times, we just need a guiding hand to point us in the right direction or illuminate the way for the right path for us to take.

He can work platform doing Spirit Mediumship demos around North, West, East and South London plus Greater London. And he is available for parties and events in and around London giving spiritual, psychic and card readings.

Orisis tarot card reader london essex kent surrey spiritualevents.co.uk

Below is him at a corporate event in Waterloo this week.
They had him doing readings in their custom made psychic tent. Review Osiris worked out great, thank you! There was queue for him even before he arrived. 
Corporate event for InfoTrack London.

Here are some photos of him at events and parties.
Orisis tarot card reader london north london essex spiritualevents.co.uk

Orisis tarot card reader london essex kent spiritualevents.co.uk

Orisis palm reader london essex kent camden slone square kings road spiritualevents.co.uk

orisis tarot reader loondon siritualevents.co.uk

psychic london spiritualevents.co.uk
Osiris also offers great Psychic Games for hen parties and events.
Great fun for everyone!
Orisis tarot card reader london spiritualevents.co.uk
Below he is at a corporate event in London.
Giving tarot readings for booking.com

Orisis tarot card reader london oxford street corporate party north london spiritualevents.co.uk

Orisis palm reader london essex kent camden spiritualevents.co.uk
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Reviews for Osiris:

I just wanted to thank Osiris for such a lovely tarot reading. It made a lot of sense to me and gave me some comfort that things will improve. I will recommend Spiritual events to my friends and family.  Thank you Kind regards Sue.

“A big thank you to Osiris who gave myself and my friends very accurate readings. He is a really lovely guy who is very easy to talk to and was spot on with so many of the things he said” Liane. Mediumship and Tarot party in Portsmouth.

Thank you for the wonderful spot on reading from Osiris. Can you please let him know that he was right especially at the party and him getting stressed out it was the second to last time I saw him as people always got in the way. The last time i saw him in person we couldn’t speak because we were at an event but I found him staring at me a lot. I do hope the gift is true. Katy

Hi thank you for my email psychic card reading you were spot on, with a few of the things you said very good Jo XX

Hi Osiris, I thought that you were very entertaining and put a different spin on the entertainment for our party. You were perceptive and helpful. Lana.

Mediumship readings at a Birthday party in London.

We had a group Spiritual reading at a hotel we were staying in on 27th May as part of a birthday party, and we were all pleasantly surprised at how accurate Osiris was about each of our lives.

It has changed my life in terms of not worrying about things that I cannot control, and also gave myself and my Cousins a sense of peace.

Thank you very much to Osiris who was very pleasant, kind and positive. Paula.