Psychic movies

Below are some of our psychic and mediumship team that you can hire for your party or event for any town in the United Kingdom. Our psychic team are also for hire in Europe and Asia.

Choose who you would like from the psychic movies list for your event or party? Just click on the links to go to their psychic profiles.

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Mystical Star Medium, Claivoyant psychic card reader

Hedvig Starhawk Psychic Rune stones palmistry, tarot card and tea leaf reader

Luna Psychic, Palm, Crystal ball, Palm reader and Tea leaf reader.

Spiritual Angel Mediumship show + Tarot reader

Phoenix Psychic Tarot Reader

Sirius is a psychic medium and a clairvoyant

Dee Vynar Psychic, Clairvoyant, Palmistry and Tarot card reader

Red Flame is a psychic medium

Romani Rivers Clairvoyant medium and tarot reader

Jade Psychic Medium

Ms Starlight Medium, tarot card reader, clairvoyant and psychic

Pixie Wilde Tarot psychic and clairvoyant

Osiris Medium, Psychic, tarot card reader, palmistry and clairvoyance reader.

Sage Fortuna tarot and palm reader

Sarah Kali Ma tarot card reader

Saturn Tarot reader

Hexa Tarot card and Astrolger

L’étoile Tarot Reader

Ms Starlight   Psychic Medium