Psychic Phone Reading

Psychic Phone Reading

Psychic Phone Reading by appointment only.

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How to book a Psychic phone reading;
email us all the information requested below,
Your first name,
Choose your reader,
Which date and time,
Your telephone number,
Then pay for the number of hours you want to book for by paypal at the bottom of this page.
(appointments must be given at least 24 hours notice)

Readers to choose from.

Type of reading:

  1. Tarot
  2. Rune Stones
  3. Psychic
  4. Tea Leaf
  5. Crystal ball
  6. Palmistry (If you can text a photo of your palm she can do palm reading.)
Days: Tuesday- Friday 2-8pm / Weekend’s 8-10pm
Type of reading:
  1. Tarot
  2. Oracle cards,
  3. Clairvoyance
  4. Psychic
  5. Mediumship

Days Monday, Tueaday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 6pm to 10pm & Saturday and Sunday 12am – 10pm

Type of  reading:
  1. Tarot
  2. Aura
  3. Clairvoyance

Days Monday to Sunday 10am – 8pm

Type of reading:

  1. Psychic readings past present
  2. Future Clairvoyant readings
           Days: Everyday 9am -9pm

Type of reading:

  1. In-depth psychic tarot reading, crystal ball and rune stones.
    Mediumship, and past, present and future plus predictions.
  2. Akashic record and soul reading, looking at past lives, life purpose, blocks and challenges and soul pathway reading, spiritual growth, spirit guides and soul lessons.
  3. Soul mate/twin flame reading and a Star-Seed Reading.

Days: Tuesday to Sunday from 9am until 9pm

Type of reading:

  1. Psychic
  2. Tarot readings
  3. Angel readings
  4. Animal communication (photo needed)

Days: Monday to Friday 10 am to 4pm

Sage Fortuna

Type of reading:

Clairvoyant, Tarot readings combining tarot /Angel Cards.

1 In depths psychic ( clairvoyant)  tarot readings  ( combining tarot /angel /tea leaf cards with psychic abilities) : 

2. Love /relationship ( attracting/separating/   deepening , numerology reading – compatibility, astrological reading- compatibility) 

3. Career/work ( career/ business /money , vision and opportunities, problems in a work relationship);

4. Family ( relatives/ family life, family tensions, healing a family relationship, relationship/parenting balance, work/family balance); 

5. Self ( mind /body and spiritual life/ handling stress and anxiety, improving self esteem).

6. Chakra balancing  and energy alignment readings ( to evaluate your chakra energy centers and determine which     chakra needs balancing and stabilizing, the emotions , thoughts, feelings  is explored and suggestions on how to   maintain balance and harmony within your energy body)

Days: Monday – Sunday 9 .00 am – 7 .00 pm. 

Sarah Kali Ma

Type of reading:

  1. Tarot readings

Days: Friday to Monday 10 am to 4pm



Type of reading:

1. Tarot Card Readings

2. Clairvoyance, connection to spirit, future readings and connections to passed animals

3. Numerology

Days Monday to Sunday, 2pm to 11pm

To book one of the above send us your details listed at the top of this page and make your payment here for the number of hours you would like to book for. (You don’t need to use all the time booked in one go).

Hours booked

After payment, you need to send us all the information request at the top of this page.
Next our reader will contact you to arrange the reading. (you decide with the reader who will call each other and how for example by Phone, Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger etc..)

NOTE WE ARE ON HOLIDAY FROM 10th until 22nd May 2019 all appointments will be done after the 22nd May.