My name is Queenie I am a Psychic Medium.
 Queenie spiritualevents.co.uk Psychic Medium nottingham
Working with queen Isis of Egypt. The Egyptian goddess of magic. Queenie has been working with royal energy for many years. Whether wearing a humble crown of flowers or her tiaras of jewels and glitter
Queenie delivers heart felt messages from her empathetic energies. Bringing clarity to many and comfort to even more.
Queenie spiritualevents.co.uk Psychic Medium
She is a sensitive empath who loves sprinkling positive love and kindness wherever she goes
Connected to fairies angels and spirit Queenie prides herself with  her respect to her clients but most importantly her spiritual connections. Respect is key to Queenie.
An experienced international empathetic psychic medium who uses mediumship, Psychic connection through psycometry with the use of photographs or objects.
queenie psychic medium lincoln spiritualevents.co.uk london tarot
Using the divination tarot cards fairy and angel cards pendulum and crystal ball to receive guidance. She is also an intuitive energy worker and reiki master/teacher allows her to spread healing. She takes the utmost pride in her spiritual teachings and believes it is an honor to share knowledge and experiences. Time and time again messages and predictions are validated by her clients. She has been working with spirit since the age of three. Queenie has developed  her connections to bring her here today working honestly humbly and respectfully with a sense of humour and a sprinkling of royal glitter.
queenie psychic medium lincoln spiritualevents.co.uk
Your time with Queenie will be an experience of respect with  a sprinkling of glitter and positivity delivered in a royal manner with a quirky sense humour.

She is available for hen parties, wedding entertainment, pub and hotel spiritual-psychic events doing a mediumship show. Plus she can offer tarot, psychic, mediumship readings for corporate events in and around Manchester, Surrey, Lincolnshire, Nottinhgamshire, Derbyshire and Yorkshire, Plus London!

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