Red Flame Psychic Medium

My name is Red Flame. I am a natural born medium and have had this gift since birth and have communicated with the spirit world since early childhood.

I have the ability to connect with those that have passed away and can provide information and physical descriptions of the spirit from my innate higher intuitive ability.

As a psychic medium I have been blessed with a gift of providing information to individuals detailing their past, present and future experiences. I also practice spiritual healing which can compliment conventional therapy for physical and mental illness through spiritual energy. Unlike conventional therapies, spiritual healing energy is directed towards the mind, body and spirit.

This results in benefits felt at every level of a person or animal’s being. As a lifelong serving medium I also possess the ability to transport myself to a much more deep and altered state of awareness which allows spirit to utilize my physical body. This can result in multiple internal changes to my bodily state and also my facial appearance can change, which is observable by an audience.

Red Flame Spirit Medium for hire Red Flame Spirit Medium for hire UK

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I currently offer private spirit readings face to face for parties, wedding entertainment, hen & stag party, summer and university balls or for corporate events.

red flame psychic medium north yorkshire red flame psychic medium yorkshire
I am available to facilitate “evenings of clairvoyance” and “psychic nights” for both private functions and also
charitable events. Such evenings will run for approximately 2 hours including a 30 minute break.
red flame psychic medium north yorkshire red flame psychic medium york yorkshire
Also I can come to your hotel, cafe, pub or restaurant “Psychic Supper night”. I will offer a show when people have finished their meal.
I can currently travel across County Durham, Cleveland, Northumberland and Yorkshire.
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