Sage Fortuna Tarot Intuitive Tarot Reader

I am Sage Fortuna Tarot Intuitive Tarot Reader, an intuitive tarot reader. My gift was passed to me from my grandmother, and it has strengthened throughout the years. I am caring, emphatic and down to earth person, I want to give you the best possible reading.Sage Fortuna Tarot Intuitive Tarot Reader email reader online psychic
In my readings I am looking to connect with your energy, using tarot , angel tarot cards and a pendulum.

My tarot and psychic card reading style is an intuitive and practical one, you will get my honest answer , along with a good old fashioned communication and common sense.

Sage Fortuna Tarot Intuitive Tarot Reader psychic tarot online

I approach every reading with and open heart, no judgement at all, and would want to take through a musty ally satisfying journey of energy and conversation. I am an empath which means I can connect with your emotional state, this enables me to get a feel of your unique energy. Part of my reading routine is a small prayer to ask my spirit guides to allow me to see what is I need to see, and help the person I am reading for. I offer multiple spreads, work with different tarot decks, I follow my intuition. I feel it’s a way to connect and help others through my readings.Sage Fortuna Tarot Intuitive Tarot Reader tarot online

Every reading I do it tells me something about myself too. Tarot is a source of inspiration for me . Tarot is about helping you to write your future, one line at a time.Sage Fortuna Tarot Intuitive Tarot Reader

Whether you want an in depths general reading that gives you insight into your future , or you have questions about family, relationships, career, I am here to bring clarity, advice and guidance that will hopefully answer your question.
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Hello i had a wonderful in depth reading with Saga she was mind blowing anyone needing a reading i highly recommend her…. Deborah. July 2018
I really enjoyed Sage’s response, she was very detailed in her responses to my questions, which I was excited to read about. from S.
 I want to thank Sage Fortuna for a helpful and clear reading , delivered with real care, warmth and positivity! The depth she went to and her sensitivity in addressing my questions was very much appreciated. Thank you. Suzanne.