Spirit Mediumship

Spirit Mediumship

Connect to past loved ones and receive messages from Spirits. You can receive valuable messages from spirits that you don’t even know too. How it works a Spirit Medium will connect with spirits around you and repeat what they want you to know. This can be about your life past present and future. You can also get messages from past loved ones to remind you about them or they want to tell you something to look out for…. When having a reading like this you can ask your Spirit Medium questions to ask the spirit world.

To have this kind of reading we need a photo of you, and also a photo of the person that has passed (note that is not guaranteed that a certain spirit will come through in your reading, but we are sure all the messages and visions are real for you in your reading.
When asking questions we find it is better to be very specific rather than vague and also be open to it all because spirits work on your energy and we need that to be open when the spirit Mediums connect.

We will  send our Spirit Mediums your first name the photos and your questions to do the reading. They will record your reading on t mp4 and tell you what they see in their visions and tell you what has been said by spirits around you. This is really a very unique experience.

30 minute reading

Spirit Mediumship Reading

60 minute reading
Spirit Mediumship & Tarot reading

All readings are for entertainment purposes only.