Spiritual Angel

 Spiritual Angel is a Natural Psychic Spiritual Medium.

In the last ten years, I have been working vigorously to honour my gifts and talents, perfecting them as I go ensuring the reach their full potential. I have all four types of psychic abilities:

  1. Clairvoyance -seeing
  2. Clairaudience -hearing
  3. Clairsentience -clear feeling
  4. Claircognizance – knowing things without being told.spiritual angel spiritualevents.co.uk nottinghamshire psychic medium derby tarot reader

As a child I had several encounters with the spirt world; however I did not understand exactly what I was experiencing at the time. These encounters included: lots of moments of Du Ju Vu, out of body experiences and I would often be visited by friends and relatives, who would tell me they have crossed over into the world of spirit.
As I grew older, I become intrigued with tarot and all things spiritual. Whilst watching the film Ghost, I realized that being a Psychic was the job destined for me; helping people in times of need.

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I have spent most of my working life assisting people in various forms, however not in my true calling. It was during this time my guides asked me to seek out a location, where I could gain greater knowledge for my craft. I was then guided to a spiritual church, and it was here I received messages so profound, that I joined the movement and will continue to do so. In finding this message I also found myself and my true calling.
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In all of the work I have undertaking, I received extremely positive feedback. During a church service I gave a lady a message, stating that she needed to visit the opticians, this lady didn’t find my advice welcoming,  as she had recently visited the opticians and was told her eyes were fine. After the service, my advice played on the ladies mind, however she was still very dismissive. During a trip to town- armed with a ten pound note to treat herself to a cake- next door to the cake shop there was an opticians. The board outside the shop read of an offer (ten pound eye test), the lady bit the bullet and took the eye test, just to prove me wrong. However, much to her avail the results from the eye test concluded that the woman has glaucoma. If this woman hadn’t of taken my advice, this life-threatening illness, could have blinded her.

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My guides’ continue to give me accurate information and direction within readings, as well as in day to day live. I find it extremely satisfying g to empower others and guide them with the truth, which allows them to change the course of their destination. By removing the veil, I am able to bring clarity to situations, which enables others to make important decisions on the best way to move forward. My gifts allow individuals free will to come through, in turn permitting them to choose their correct path in life.

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As aforementioned, I am constantly enhancing my gifts and one way I do this is through attending various Spiritual churches and centers. It is here I am also able to demonstrate my talents, whether it be at parties, private events or through Psychic Suppers, Platform Stage work. I am now an: International Medium, Tarot Reader, Spiritual Healer, Psychometry.
She can travel to London, Nottingham, Leicester, Loughborough, Peterborough, Northampton, Coventry, Rugby, Solihul, Birmingham and the Midlands.

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Mediumship show by Spiritual Angel – Very busy night. Spiritual Angel was fantastic. We will definitely be looking to book her again 👍 Thank you Highgate Newtown Community Centre.

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Hi I would just like to thank Spiritual Angel for a fantastic night. Angel was amazing and gave some great readings. We received lots of positive feedback from our guests. We will definitely be booking Angel again. Great job. Nadine