Steve Mavenista Tarot & Oracle Reader

Steve Mavenista Tarot & Oracle Reader

Steve Mavenista Tarot & Oracle Reader

Discover Your Future, Today!

  • Your Questions Answered!
  • Names, Numbers, Dates & Places to look out for!
  • Who to trust & who to be aware of!
  • Love, career, & financial opportunities!
  • Lucky Numbers!

I will help make your next event even more memorable by bringing fun and entertainment to your party by giving your guests a clairvoyant insight into their future. I’ve been a reader for over 30 years and have consulted thousands of people in over 20 countries helping them to face the future with renewed confidence. I am able to immediately put people of all ages at ease and help them discover what the universe has in store and give them clarity and peace of mind.

We often have a good idea of how we would like our lives to turn out, but very often it turns out that life has other ideas. I am an old soul who has lived many times before and because of my past life experiences I can provide you with an amazing insight in to your future.

Life is an ever changing labyrinth filled with choices at every turn and consequences for every decision. You randomly choose your own cards and they will speak to me in a very intuitive way, this will allow me a glimpse into your future which could reveal clues such as names, numbers, dates and places. They also show me the core trends and influences in your life, I merely translate the images into words.

I see your future like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle and once all the parts are in place will you will understand what your big picture is meant to be. This new perspective gives you a wonderful opportunity to eliminate any negativity and enjoy greater love, happiness and prosperity.

Here are a few of the questions guests from my last party learned the answers to;

Will my finances ever improve?   Is my partner being unfaithful?

Will I ever find my dream home?   Is she really my friend?

Will I ever find my soul mate?   Can I really trust him?

Will I ever find the right job?

I’m really looking forward to being in tune with you at your next party or event. I am available for private readings, weddings, parties and corporate entertainment throughout Bristol and Somerset, Cheltenham, Gloucester and Bath.

Steve Mavenista Tarot & Oracle Readers Steve Mavenista Tarot & Oracle Reader uk

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It’s an incredible reading and has helped me greatly in my need to find clarity in my current situation. I’m so glad I got in touch. Please pass on my sincere thanks to Steve. I will be recommending Steve and Spiritual Events UK to friends and family. R. 
Please could pass on the message to Steve that it was a wonderful read for my morning. It gives me such hope and definitely clarifies some things for me that I have been worried about. I really look forward for the future now. Thank you! Rebecca Dec 2018
Will you thank Steve for my reading, he’s described me to a T and definitely helped to clarify a few answers. 
I’m definitely looking forward to what’s in store with the future. Thank you so much Nicola xx

A very interesting reading by Steve. he was spot on with my personaltity traits and my intuition. Thank you for the warning. xx

I had received the email reading this morning but never had the chance to look at it. I have just been reading it and I lay here and wondered how does he know me so well. So many things made sense to me. 
Steve…your brilliant!! It is difficult to find someone to tune in and give a reading that you can identify with and even though it is early on in it has given me a lot to think about.
If there was one thing I would change it would be that I wished that it was a complete full reading that I had. Thank you so much and may you continue to be blessed. Love, light & gratitude. Paula J

Here he is at a Halloween corporate event in Bath giving tarot readings for all the guests.

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