Victorian Seance

Victorian Seance

A Unique Spiritual Evening of Entertainment

The Victorian Seance Show is a fun, exciting, and interactive journey into the mysterious world of Victorian Spiritualism!
Firstly we will test your guests for ESP and telepathy. Then they’ll take part in a mind-reading experiment. Finally everyone will experience genuine spirit communication using authentic Victorian methods – including pendulums, glass moving, and finally the lights-out seance or with just a candle.
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During the Victorian Seance the room will descend into darkness. After which the guests will hold hands. Then we will utter those famous lines: “Is there anybody there?”

There’s no telling who, or indeed WHAT, will come through. It certainly is an exciting evening for any paranormal enthusiast.

You will all be able to connect with spirits in the room or around you!

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Scary entertainment for you and your guests – do you believe in spirits and ghosts?
This is great entertainment for birthdays and stag or hen parties.
Additionally a Victorian Seance is great at Halloween events too!
Furthermore we can come to your pub, hotel or home and offer a Victorian Seance for up to 20 people.
We cover England, Scotland and Wales.
Extra option – After the Victorian seance we offer the possibility to have of have a psychic card reading or future reading privately for 25 minutes.
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After the seance people can have the option of having a psychic card reading privately for 25 minutes. tarot
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Dare to be scared! 
Please note that The Victorian Seance Show is not recommended for those of a nervous disposition or pregnant ladies. Although this is a genuine experiment in spirit communication, UK law requires that the evening be viewed as purely for entertainment purposes.